When did they design bathrooms with only pedestal sinks and why? I cannot imagine that, in the post-WWII era, when apartments and houses certainly all were built with indoor bathrooms, no one used shampoo. If you had shampoo, where did you put it? It is easy to think back fondly to the Good Old Days, but sadly, there are a lot of studio apartments out there that still have pedestal sinks. Chances are very good that, when you see a pedestal sink, you do not see any form of storage in the bathroom–no other cabinets, no shelving. I do not count medicine cabinets, which were built for minimal use (medicine, I suppose). When renting, one has no choice but to accept a pedestal sink, assuming everything else in the rental is great. However, a prospective homebuyer soon finds out how absurdly cheap it is to buy a decent, well-constructed, bathroom sink cabinet. So why do landlords continue to push on renters the supremely idiotic pedestal sink? If you know one, ask. Perhaps there is something we don’t know.

By crmcbeath-urrutia

I am a small space advocate, after living in a number of studio apartments, dorm rooms, one-bedroom houses and garage apartments in my life. Through the years, I learned secrets and strategies to make the most of your small space, keep your beloved stuff with you and make life comfortable and cozy--all in a small space!

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