The Paperback is Live on Amazon!

Today, Amazon uploaded my paperback book “How to Find and Love Your Small Space…” and it is now available for purchase. The Kindle e-book should be ready in a day to two and “Look Inside” as well. If it seems a little pricey, it is for a reason. Not only does it have color illustrations, but also a series of checklists you can use forever, no matter what size space you have! Check out the section on colors that embed a level of wellness in your space! Don’t forget to put in your email address here, so you can receive the alert I will send out when I have an e-book promotional sale! I am planning it soon–an “almost free” weekend!

By crmcbeath-urrutia

I am a small space advocate, after living in a number of studio apartments, dorm rooms, one-bedroom houses and garage apartments in my life. Through the years, I learned secrets and strategies to make the most of your small space, keep your beloved stuff with you and make life comfortable and cozy--all in a small space!

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