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My name is Carla Ruth, and I am passionate about small spaces: studio apartments, small houses (not to be confused with “tiny houses”, so more on that, later). I also love one-big-room living. There is something liberating about it. Think of a cozy farmhouse in Sweden, where so many city Swedes go in the summer and just “rough it” to mentally and physically recharge. Houses are painted red and extremely cozy. One room for cooking, eating and sitting, beds like cupboards, a fireplace and lots of beautiful outdoors to run around! Our lives are not so different than in Sweden. We also have offices, cities, families, friends. Perhaps there is more room for small space living here, than we think.

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Hello, I’m Carla Ruth, but you can call me Ruth. I use my first initial in my writing, so it ends up C. Ruth McBeath-Urrutia. You can also shorten it to C.R.. I have years’ experience living small, while all my peers and family members bragged about their huge houses. That’s OK. Small is better. All those huge houses finally became huge money-suckers, they told me later. In the end, everyone wanted to downsize, anyway. Finally, we are all on the same page. Now, I want to hear your story. What “small” space are you living in, or looking at? Vacation home? First home? Are you creating your own space in your family house? I love to hear about creativity.

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